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August 2, 2010

Sharing Watch

Sharing Watch is a wristwatch Maezm creation, which is designed to share with others. Unlike regular watches, wristwatches position in this figure is different from ordinary watches, where the position of number 12 was in an upright position with eye position aligned on our hands.

 Sorry, what time is it? And we are busy rolling our hands so that watches can be visible to people who ask. Right?

This position makes other people can see it easily without twisting we have our hands, simply position your hand like in the picture. On the other hand, we also can play the position of these watches to the normal position by rotating the upper part of 90 ° to the left

Sharing Watch, so these watches are created for people who love to share, if you do not like to share, you do not need to have a watch like this. 

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