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August 17, 2010

Sleep and Memory

Be careful who like to stay up. The study found people who sleep less than seven to eight hours a day, will destroy the brain's ability to form strong memories.
University of California, San Diego found that people who really enjoy a long sleep filled with dreams, can remember the information and links between all the facts when they wake up.

This study shows sleep is very important for the brain's ability to consolidate memories.
"Sleep is important to draw all the information we process every day, and turn them into memories that we can use later," said UCSD sleep researcher, Dr. Sara Mednik.

Adults who sleep less than the recommended amount, as well as lack of sleep, can inhibit the brain's ability to process and grow their memories, he said.
Mednik said, "This study helps us further understand the benefits of sleep and help people maximize their sleep schedules for optimal productivity and memory retrieval."

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