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August 17, 2010

X Ray Girl

MOSCOW - He looked ordinary. However, Natasha Demkina saving capability that makes many people wonder. Russian teenage girls born in 1987 was dubbed the X-ray eyes' (X-ray girl). Natasha's eyes are special. Without the help of any tool or with the naked eye, she could see the organs in the human body. So, her eyes like X-ray equipment that can see the contents in the human body.

"I have two types of vision that can be changed without cause. If you want to see someone's health condition, I lived thinking about it, "said the girl born in the city of Saransk, Russia.
"I can see the overall structure of the human body. The location of organs and conditions, "explains Natasha. "I can not explain why I have this ability, and can recognize the disease. This congenital birth. Clearly, the organ that does not work either cause a particular radiation. "

Unfortunately tools like X-ray eyes that could only work during daylight hours. At night, her X-ray ability is lost, and she looked like everyone else.
According to some media, the diagnosis of a disease Natasha's eyes are often even more accurate than that made doctors. Although the doctors were using the latest medical equipment.

Privileged congenital, caught at 10-year-old Natasha. At first she told her parents that she could suddenly see the organs in the body of her friends and relatives.Because it is still small, tense, Natasha did not know medical terminology or names of the organs in the body, so she called kidney is nuts, and large intestine called the interval.
Tatyana, her mother, frightened and it checked by a doctor. But, the girl was it 'checked' organ in the Doctor. She described the structure of the body of the doctor. "It was the doctors can not say anything," recalled the mother.

In childhood, Natasha was also able to detect bacteria or viruses that are in various organisms. But her eyes can not be forced to work for a long time because after that he could prolonged headaches.
Her mother tried to hide the privilege of Natasha. But Natasha's supernatural power, spread by word of mouth. The more who know her ability, after a television station covering Natasha. Since then, her house became a reference for the sick.

In January 2004, a British media invited her to London. In the British capital, accompanied by her mother Natasha performance capabilities.
Briony Warden, a reporter for the tabloid The Sun, once a patient Natasha. Warden has just had a car accident. Natasha accurately describe internal injuries and a fractured body parts Warden.

Briony Warden Natasha describes how the state when viewing the contents of her body. "Seeds of her eyes widened. She was like a trance, "Warden recalled.
Natasha Warden picture about exactly 90 percent accurate. For example, she mentions there is a foreign object in her jaws. The reporter then stated that, on a titanium jaw mounted to support the fractured bones due to accidents.

"The most amazing thing is, when he discovered the damage on my left foot," said Warden. "Actually, I have broken my shins. Turns out she found two separate cracks and said I had difficulty bending the knee. "
According to Warden, which when examined wearing thick clothes, Demkina could see the former plates and screws to connect a broken bone. "Actually it was several hours before the appointment is made."
Until the age of 21 years now, Natasha still help many people to detect the disease in their internal organs. She aspires to be a doctor. Now she was a student in Moscow, Russia. Her ability to get a confession from Yoshio Machinist, a medical professor at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

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