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August 15, 2010

New Guinea Singing Dog.

This one is the rarest dog in the world, and are found in Papua New Guinea. The name is, the New Guinea Singing Dog.Singing? the reason they like to howl like singing. roar just one note, but if there are some dogs, they will make like a choir.
Besides being a most rare, also may be the most primitive. This dog really coyote, a great tree climber, good at exploring the forest. Spine is very flexible, can even stretch the head until 360 degrees, the legs can stretch until 90 degrees, have molars that are similar to the wild dogs, which are normally used for chewing raw meat.
Wild dog, very healthy, and can live until 20 years.

When viewed, similar to the dingo of Australia or the Jackal.Their eyes glow in the dark, making this dog can see in the dark.

This is a wild dog, is not recommended to be used as family dogs. Hunting dogs as possible, because it has a high hunting instincts and tend to be aggressive. Need training since childhood.


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