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August 15, 2010

Amartya Kumar Sen and Facebook

Nobel prize in economics in 1998, Amartya Kumar Mon refused to open an account at social networking site, Facebook. Moreover, the man born in India in 1933 has become the victim of Facebook.
Someone has profiteer name Sen and create fake accounts on Facebook. And he judged, did not see any reaction or response from the manager of Facebook, to cover those fake pages. Sen confirmed, he would never intend to open an account at a site that does not guarantee and check the 'authenticity' of its members.

To note, according to local newspaper reports, a con man pretending to be Amartya Sen on Facebook and has approximately 490 fans. Worse yet, the swindler is posted freely, radical political and economic views, which conflict with the views of Sen..
"I do not have my Facebook page, and does not intend to open it. It is true, there's someone pretending to be me and answered every question, even though nothing at all to do with me," Sen said as quoted by the Financial Times, Sunday ( 08/15/2010).

Sen explain, that he learned of the fake Facebook pages, just two days ago, when a friend from Italy told me about these fake accounts.Professor of Harvard University said that he was disappointed with Facebook manager in solving this problem.
"The managers of the system does not help in monitoring the Facebook account of the truth and communicating it to me, 'pointed Sen.

He said the main factors that drive themselves do not use Facebook, not because he did not agree with them. "Indeed, I think this kind of communication can be useful because it makes people closer to each other, although the geographic distance that separates them, but it would be nice, they also respect the right of a person," said Sen..

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