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August 6, 2010

Vehicle anti-jam solutions in China

China replaced the United States as the country produces the most greenhouse gases. As well as the most profligate user of energy in the world.
However, this country can not remain silent. China continues to try and think of ways to solve pollution problems. One of them build a fleet of buses that can 'straddle' - this is one of China's futuristic scheme.

In an effort to rescue the environment, 'go green' and reduce congestion without having to displace the building to widen the road, Shenzhen company Huashi Future Parking Equipment, is developing the "3D Express Coach", a bus rapid three-dimensional.
This innovation allows the cars - with a maximum height of 2 meters past the space underneath the bus, when the vehicle is running.

Then, where the passengers? The top of a bus designed to carry passengers.
According to China's Hush, "3D Express Coach", is also environmentally friendly. He does not use fossil fuels, which not only rare but also more environmentally unfriendly.

This advanced bus will use a combination of electrical energy and solar energy. Buses, which looked like a tunnel, can run at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour, and carry the 1200-1400 passenger.

The first construction along the 115 mile route will be built in Mentougou District, Beijing. This is no longer a dream project. Therefore, construction would begin late in 2010.Future Huashi Director of Parking Equipment, claiming the system is relatively cheap and quick. It took a year at a cost 'only' cost 500 million yuan or U.S. $ 73 million to build this futuristic transportation systems. 

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