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August 11, 2010

Want to Become Scientists

Cian Cian lives with her grandparents, who every day are always shave the hair on her face and body.

Grandfather and grandmother, was never again brought Cian to town, because many people who always look and ask "why is she a lot of fur".
"Even at school every morning, people saw it and asked me why her many feathers. Questions like that make me sick," said the grandmother.

The little girl, who her parents divorced, said that her classmates always teased.
But she was happy at home, "My dear grandparents, particularly grandmothers, they were very kind to me," said the little girl.
"I want to be a scientist when everything is great so I could know what was wrong with me," concluded the girl.

Doctors from the Hospital Tongliang, China, the place where Cian Cian treatment after suffering from epilepsy, confusion would be conditions like this.
"Nothing like this from her family since three generations ago, so this is definitely not genetic factors," the doctor said as quoted by Chu Hongbo Orange, Wednesday (11/08/2010).

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