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August 11, 2010

Argentina Yeti

On July 23, 2010, two breeders in the Cerro El Creston, about 40 miles west of San Jose de Metan, Argentina, managed to kill a strange creature like humans, but with large canines and sharp. Photograph the creature's head is leaking to the public and quite scandalous Argentine society.
According to local residents, who discovered this creature is similar to that in the belief Ucumar creature known locally as the creatures who have a body like man, with bushy black hair covering the body. Sometimes these creatures are also often referred to as Yeti Argentina.

The existence of these creatures in the forests of the southern provinces, especially in Rosario de la Frontera, has become the news media for decades.
Photos chief creature of the leak to the public, was taken by a man named Martin. He was photographed on the property owned by ranchers who killed the creature. The photo, taken from a cell phone, clearly show a hominid with long fangs and protruding eyes.

Farmer who killed 79-year-old creature, and has the initials JS, while his nephew had the initials ES. Both ask their real names are not divulged to the public.
Martin told the daily El Tribuno about his experience when he visited the breeder.

"Saturday, I arrived at the ranch and they tell me about events that happened on the night before. I entered their house and there depending on the creature's body, hands bound, and extends almost touching the floor. I asked them the name of the creature it, and they can not answer. "

According to Martin again, JS and ES to kill the creature on July 23, yesterday.
In the middle of the night, when it was gathering the cows, they heard the deafening sound near the end of the hills that surround their property. When approached and illuminated the place with flashlights, they found a pair of luminous green eyes that made them become transfixed.

"According to them, the creature is a goblin, and to frighten, they fired guns. The bullet had hit the creature in the left lower jaw, penetrating down to the right eyebrow. Because of the shot, the creature that is trusted as it fell to the ground Ucumar .
Both breeders, and then brought the carcass to the ranch. The next day, when it gets light, they begin to believe that if they had shot Ucumar. Martin said again:

"The creature has short black hair thick over the entire body, except the face. Very scary to see the size of the fangs."

For fear of the reprisals, JS asked his colleagues to cut the creature's head and throwing her body. Vengeance is meant by JS is, because he believed they had killed the children of Ucumar and worried that there is an act of revenge.
However, it is unclear what is meant by retaliation, retaliation from the mother or from the public.

Martin explained: "We cut the head is then stored on the farm. Then, we wrapped the body into several bags and throw it into the valley."JS, the owner of the Ranch, lived alone at the ranch and only get occasional visits from his nephew.
According to Martin, the creature has a height of about 60-70 centimer.
Marcelo Choque, a veterinarian from the Environmental Division of the Service, quite surprised to see the photograph the creature. He said:

"I've never seen anything like it. Obviously it looks like anthropomorphic figures, but I can not say from where the species. And I also can not explain the extraordinary size of the fangs."
Is it really a creature Yeti Argentina?
Or just a monkey?
For comparison, this Weeper Capuchin Monkey or Cebus olivaceus, a type of monkeys that are common in South America.

These monkeys, also have large canine size.
If the creature was a monkey, why breeders that can not recognize it?
Is this all just a hoax? You see, Martin's description of gunshot wounds in the left jaw that penetrate the creature's upper right eyebrow seemed not visible in the photo. But, if they are making an invention, why Martin did not provide a description of the wound it makes more sense?
Or the farmers really have killed a child Yeti from Argentina?

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  1. They are more than just animals they are beings. Mom will not be happy her child was shot.