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August 9, 2010

Bermuda triangle mystery solved

Mystery of the loss of several ships and aircraft in the area called 'Bermuda Triangle' is now exposed. Remove all the way theories about an alien spaceship, an anomaly of time, a giant pyramid of the Atlanteans, or meteorological phenomena.
Bermuda Triangle is a common phenomenon of acute gas, writes Salem-News.com. Natural gas, as gas produced by boiling water, mainly methane, is the prime suspect behind the loss of several aircraft and ships. Evidence from the discovery that brought a new perspective on the mystery that haunted the world for years, the report contained in the American Journal of Physics.

Professor Joseph Monaghan examine the hypothesis was accompanied by David May at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Two hypotheses of the study, there is a giant bubbles of methane gas out of the ocean floor that cause most, if not all, mysterious accidents at that location.
Ivan T Sanderson actually been identified, the mysterious zones during the 1960s. Sanderson even really describe the mysterious zones more than the diamond shaped like a triangle. Sanderson found that not only the Bermuda Triangle but the Japan Sea and North Sea are two areas where mysterious events are common.

The Oseanograf that explores the ocean floor Bermuda Triangle and the North Sea, the area between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom reported finding a lot of the content of methane and former landslide sites. Depart from the linkage and the available data the two researchers describe what happens when a giant balloon burst of methane from the seabed.
Methane, which is usually frozen under a layer of underground rock, get out and turn into a gas balloon enlarged geometrically, when he moved to the top. When it reaches the surface of water, gas filled balloon that will continue to grow upward and outward.

Every ship that are trapped in a giant helium balloon, it will immediately sink to the bottom loose and the ocean. If the balloon was large enough and has sufficient density, then the aircraft can be struck down by it too. Aircraft methane trapped in a giant balloon, likely suffered engine damage due blanketed by methane, and immediately lost power lift.  

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