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August 9, 2010

Pink Blood

A baby born prematurely at Children's Hospital of Hubei shocked the medical staff, because the baby's blood turned into a pink, not red like in general.

The little girl was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia, pulmonary infections, anemia and retinopathy. Hyperlipidemia is a condition most of the fat in the blood, including high triglyceride levels kolesteroldan. hyperlipidemia usually attacks adults and up to now according to records have never attacked the newborn.

Pink color in the blood due to high lipid content in the blood. This high fat content can clog arteries and lead to cardio vascular diseases such as heart problems or stroke. According to reports from other media, this baby is suffering from congenital metabolic disorders. Doctors can only just cope with symptoms.

According to China Daily, the baby was born at 40 days appeared healthy at birth at a local hospital. But two weeks later appeared the signs of illness and then referred to Children's Hospital of Hubei, which was then known that the color pink blood.  

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