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September 2, 2010

Doll Hospitals

Have you ever heard the Doll Hospital? Quite strange indeed, and not a few who consider it just a joke. But it turns out Doll County Hospital is a fact, true and not a joke. This hospital is located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Doll Hospital in 1830, so the sign perched on top of traditional buildings, which look melancholy in the area near downtown Lisbon. It has been established since 1830 and specializes in dolls 'sick'. Inside, dozens without legs torn doll and teddy bear lying on the shelves waiting for repairs.
 This doll hospital customers, more among the elderly who still have memories of childhood toys that had been weathered with age. "That's our main difference from the hospital as abroad, which is very special - we accept all people, public and truly unique Barbie doll, and we improvise," said Cutileiro.

This hospital, originally doll is actually a place of repair. But over time, this place has become a puppet hospital was renamed the Doll Hospital. In the case of equipment used, not much different from the hospital in general is a scalpel, scissors, white doctor's coat. Problem tariffs, ranging from 4 euros ($ 5.72) for improvements to the base of modern dolls, up to a few hundred euros for a total overhaul of antiques.

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