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September 8, 2010

Falls from a height of 36.6 KM

Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner plans to break the altitude record for 50 years for the skydiving category later this year.
Launch of Space.com. Baumgartner will jump from a height of 120 000 feet (nearly 23 miles, or about 36.6 miles), and is expected to reach supersonic speeds.

Current record was created on August 16, 1960, the U.S. Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger, who jumped from a height of 102 800 feet. Kittinger will help Baumgartner.
Baumgartner will be brought to heights that are intended by pressurized capsule attached to a giant helium balloon. The trip will take three hours.

Without any equipment, this flip would be very dangerous. Good altitude is above the line Armstrong, where low air pressure to the point where the liquid will boil.

Low pressure will also cause the gas dissolved in the blood of a person, which will be air bubbles and cause decompression sickness, which can cause paralysis or death. The temperature at altitude was about minus 140 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to minus 95 degrees Celsius.
When jumping, Baumgartner will be wearing a space outfit. This will give him oxygen and regulate the pressure in these clothes. Also there will be sensors in clothing to monitor the movement and heartbeat.
Baumgartner is expected to reach supersonic speed 35 seconds after the jump, and parachute opened about six minutes later when he was about a mile above the ground.

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