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September 8, 2010

Japanese Spider-Crab

This is a super crab weighing about 45 pounds or about 21 kilograms and a wide cross section of about four meters feet. Crabs are often also called "Japanese Spider Crab" which has the Latin name 'cheira kaempferi' This is the world's largest arthropod species that ever existed.

The scientists believe that these crabs can survive up to 100 years or even longer.
"Crab tall giant" is alive in the depths of the ocean around the Pacific Northwest of the ocean waters around Japan. Crab is mostly caught by the nets of fishermen with an average depth ranging from 150 s / d 1000 feet (46 s / d 305 meters) in deep water.

Rumored that the giant crab is a creature of peace and non-aggressive, and can live well in an aquarium environment. They prefer a quiet atmosphere or habitat with a landscape of muddy and damp in the depths of the sea. These crabs use the 'snout' to check the area around the habitat they live to find a dead animal or shellfish as their food.

With a length of about 4 feet foot section, this super crab is 'king' which can not be conquered among similar types of animals in their habitat.

Arthropod: invertebrate (no backbones) that have jointed arms and legs with segmented bodies 'exoskeleton' or outer bone is made of 'chitin'

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