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September 9, 2010

Cooking and selling fried potatoes 83 consecutive hours.

Chris Verschueren, 53-year-old male belgium fries maker, from the village of Castle Belgium, has scored a new world record after cooking and selling fried potatoes 83 consecutive hours.
Verschueren lit pan tools on Friday morning, and did not stop frying the potatoes until Monday night. During cooking, maker of potato is only 100 minutes to take time off to shower and do some stretching. 1500 kilograms of potatoes after cooking, Chris Verschueren said this: "My fingers burning, my legs hurt and my wrist hurt, but that's okay, I'll have some fun now."

Although he could not achieve its goal to sell 1,500 bags of potato fries, the national dish of Belgium, Verschueren broke the previous record for frying potatoes non-stop, 72 hours, which was established in 1987 by a British chef.

Apart from his determination to make fried potatoes and a desire to have his name mentioned in the record books, Chris Verschueren take on the challenge to raise funds for children's hospital.


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