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September 20, 2010

Lengkuas Island..

The Province of Bangka Belitung, save a lot of charm of the beach, one located at Lengkuas Island. Here, you will find a clean stretch of beach with beautiful views of the island is marked by a lighthouse that stood firm.

The lighthouse is an inherent identity with Lengkuas Island. Built in 1882 by the Dutch colonial government, the old lighthouse that serves as the guiding light for ships that pass. Lighthouse has 12 floors with windows on every floor. This gives opportunities to those who visit to enjoy the many beautiful and varied scenes from inside the lighthouse. When located on the top floor, you can see the scenery is fantastic, especially the ocean view from all directions. From the lighthouse, a large granite look like pebbles. Meanwhile the wind and the smell of the sea makes the perfect atmosphere.

Besides the beautiful scenery of the lighthouse, many people come here to dive, enjoy the coral reefs, and eating grilled fish and drinking coconut water. Not difficult to islands located off the coast of Kelayang Cape, precisely in the northern village of Tanjung Binga. It only takes about 30 minutes by boat from the coast of Kelayang Cape to reach a tourist attraction located in District Sijuk. 

During the journey to the island, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean view and also other islands close to the Lengkuas Island, such as Bird Island, Pig Island, Pengadaran Island, Javan Island, Monkey Island and the Island of porridge. If you are interested, the first step that must be done is to determine the date of departure. Do not need much thought because the island is indeed worth visiting. 


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