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September 20, 2010

Old before their time ..

Still remember the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt? The film adaptation of the book was published in 1922 presents a unique story of a boy named Benjamin who was born in the physical appearance of an old man.
The story is indeed fiction. But, in England, similar story happened to a 12-year-old girl named Hayley Okines.

But Benjamin has an upside-down situation with Hayley circumstances. Because the condition of Benjamin was born in a state that is old to be a baby ...
Hayley premature aging that make 12-year-old who still has the physical appearance of 96 year old tub. Medical world called progeria, a rare illness that attacks one out of every eight million people in the world.

As quoted from the page of the Daily Mail, progeria sufferer Hayley is the first child who underwent medical therapy FTIs (farnesyltransferase inhibitors).
Therapy lived since the last two years was done to reverse the abnormal cells in the body of progeria patients.

Despite its defects, Hayley normal life like a child her age. She likes to chat and play with friends her age, but enjoy the game of Nintendo Wii and knacks of women.

She was educated first at the school level to normal. With her physical condition is very old and frail, she was able to show achievements in science and mathematics.

Her parents placed great hopes on the success of therapy FTIs, although they are aware, children with progeria disease averaged only able to survive until the age of 13 years.
"Whatever happens we've resigned," said Kerry, Hayley's mother who is a resident Bexhill, East Sussex, England.


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