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September 21, 2010

Prediction of the world's richest people

For more than a decade ago, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder holds the status as the richest man in the world. A dozen years he perches on the most prestigious positions.However, in March 2010, the crown as the world's richest people began to be shifted by Carlos Slim Helu, Mexican tycoon. We conquered the Gates, the king of Latin American telecommunications has a total wealth of U.S. $ 53.5 billion.

Four more years, Carlos Slim's position appeared to be threatened. In a recent special report entitled '2020, What Happens Next ', Forbes released their predictions of what happens in a decade longer.One of his predictions, leading tycoons of India, namely Mukesh Ambani, 53 years old, would have shifted Carlos Slim.

'One of the predictions, the boss of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani will occupy the top position in the world in 2014, defeating Carlos Slim, the richest man from Mexico,' so the prediction Forbes.
Today, Ambani's wealth reached around U.S. $ 29 billion and is ranked fourth world. However, four years longer, his wealth is estimated to swell to U.S. $ 62 billion.He is the owner of Reliance Industries, India's business conglomerate engaged in petrochemicals, mining, power, and oil and gas. Today, Ambani's business empire continues to lunge into the various fields.
Meanwhile, Carlos Slim's wealth actually threatened diminished by the political and financial turmoil is expected to threaten Mexico.In addition to estimating Mukesh Ambani would be highest ranked, popular magazines are also predicting social networking site Facebook will initiate action on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2012 and its founder Mark Zuckerberg will be the person who has a wealth of more than U.S. $ 10 billion. 

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