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September 22, 2010

Snake Temple

Perhaps, this is the only temple in a world filled with snakes. The temple was named "Snake Temple", and is located in Penang, Malaysia, is home to not only the Bhikshu but also for snakes and even rattlesnake.

Located in Sungai Kluang, Penang. Snake Temple is also known by the name of Cloud Temple (Temple of the Azure Cloud or Pure Cloud Temple) as a tribute to the beautiful clouds. Thousands of people came to the snake temple every year, and they do not interfere on the presence of these venomous snakes around the temple. According to legend, Chor Soo Kong Bhikshu once gave shelter to a snake, which later came another streamer to these temples.


Unfortunately the number of snakes in the temple is now much reduced because the process of urbanization. Snakes were reportedly made dizzy by the scent of incense burning in the temple. Although some tourist, but to enter the temple are the visitors do not bear any cost or free.

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