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September 1, 2010


This can be achieved by accelerating particles to increase the temperature until it reaches the level of extreme heat, and capable of emitting sparks that could generate fire. Most people with this gift, has the ability to enhance their personal temperature to warm, even in the coldest conditions.
 In some traditions pyrokinetic (people who can use pyrokinesis) can make a fire, but it is "technically" pyrokinetic can only manipulate fire, although they can burn the flammable material, make a fire afterward. The ability to create fire from thin air, with no flammable materials, called "pyrogenesis."

Pyrokinesis is under the umbrella of telekinesis (or, sometimes, psychokinesis) in which a practitioner uses their mind to affect the physical world around them. Traditionally a pyrokinetic can light a fire when the conditions in accordance with an adequate supply to create the fire, namely fuel, oxygen and heat, and then manipulate the intensity of the fire and the direction in which the materials were located. So pyrokinetic can kindle a pile of newspapers and did not burn near curtains, or causing the fire to spread quickly, through a certain area at a speed that is not fair.

Although there is no empirical experiments that have been proven as displayed by the tradition of popular pyrokinesis, the ability to produce heat has been shown by certain practitioners of the martial arts.

Martial artist is, by manipulating energy "chi", they can radiate heat from their hands or other parts of their bodies. Some argued that this ability is not "right" but merely pyrokinesis bio-feedback form and just control, improve and increase the body's natural ability to produce heat, while others say that it is the ability to manipulate the material world of mind and thus qualifies as (telekinesis) . Many who have this ability to work with negative energy which tends to be warmer then changed shape into positive energy. The owner of this capability is likely full of negative energy, and thus very hot to the touch, or the lack of negative energy so that makes it quite frozen to the touch. How to be able to have this ability? It takes patience, perseverance and also the focus ...


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