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September 1, 2010

Xuan Kong Temple

Xuan Kong Temple, situated at the foot of the mountain on top of a steep cliff. Mountain high and steep here, the two sides perpendicular to hundreds of meters, the rugged and steep cliff like a hatchet and knife hemisphere, only slightly concave in its center.

Xuan Kong Temple has utilized only a foothold, and then build it in the midst of high cliffs and steep, it also can be said is built on a very steep cliff. Xuan Kong Temple in the midst of building a temple hanging clouds, this must be very deep significance.

In year 23, the Tang Dynasty (735 years), where after the Great poet Li Bai, Temple tour to enjoy the beauty of Xuan Kong, has written two words "Chuang Guan" (the magnificent scenery) above a rock cliff. Xuan Kong Temple with breathtaking construction and shape are very unique, then crowned as champion of the 18 views of Mount Heng.

Xuan Kong Temple structure is very delicate and beautiful, all wooden temple supported by upright and horizontal. All the milestones that serve as a buffer block is called a flat iron pole, by using the local results are typical of a similar kind of pine tree, and then processed into a rectangular block, then plugged deep into hard rock. It is said that wood has been soaked with oil milestone Tung wood that has weathered the anti function.
Moreover, each of an upright wooden sticks that can not be denied services as well. All wood placement has been through a very careful calculation, to be sure so could prop the whole construction Xuan Kong Temple. 

It was said that there was a wooden pole that serves as a drag load, there used to balance the level of the attic room, there are certain expenses that must be added on top of it just might develop a buffer effect, if it is empty and no added weight whatsoever, it can not borrow strength to prop.

This unique principle very difficult dibanyangkan by theories of modern science. So when viewed from a distance the people named as the Xuan Kong Temple: Three pieces of horses are hung in the air.  

It was said, Xuan Kong Temple built by a monk named Liao Ran during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 years), and until now has been more than 1400 years. Even though it has been renovated and is often shaken by earthquakes, but the entire structure is still good, no damage. It can be said as a miracle in the history of the building.

But what makes people think about is building Xuan Kong Temple was not built according to design as usual. For people who occupied the Temple of Xuan Kong there is also a prerequisite, and this condition is natural, not made by humans.

For those who cowardly did not dare stay in the place of clouds. Xuan Kong Temple hall attic has more than 40 rooms. The top and bottom connected by a spiral staircase, if walking on a wooden ladder, so people seem to tread on the front of heads of people in the back.  

Between the central pavilion and the pavilion side, there is a road sign, then step on vibrate and generate sound krek, through a slit board can still be seen hundreds of meters deep ravines, to make people shocked and scared. But for monks who clean heart and mind, they will not feel afraid. If viewed from the thoughts of people now, because now everything rests on the theory of scientific proof, then how dare stay up there?

But for monks, because they believe in the Buddha: "There is a Buddhist protect", and "life has been predestined," and other thoughts, then they will not look at life and death was so heavy, the people who lived in the temple felt "there was Buddha so that their hearts be calm". All this clearly shows a different concept. Make people feel more should be amazed at the design conception and the choice of location.  

"Building a temple on top of the cliff", this proposal, if initiated now, it will most likely be rejected by modern scientists. Modern scientific theory holds, that is dried in the wind and sun, or changes in the natural environment, may be peeling a mountain of physical, weathering, landslides and other crises. Actually, if the scientist using the modern theory probably would not have this kind of thinking.

But Liao Ran Monk has emerged the idea, why did he dare to think this way? He is a man who Xiulian (cultivated and training), he knows the true principles of nature, he has the knowledge and higher understanding of the universe.
He's probably thinking: "Buddha can protect people who believe in Buddhism," "Mountains exist that deal with the Mountain Gods" etc.. So he did not think there is something physical mountain hazards, although there was also able to avoid danger, "converting misfortune into fortune, found difficulties to be lucky!"

Actually, Xuan Kong Temple has been proved that the monks and the people who Xiulian this would have beliefs that straight Buddha. If there is no assurance that straight against the Buddhist law, it can be said is basically impossible to build a temple on top of a steep high cliffs and steep.  

Liao Ran Monk during the Northern Wei Dynasty, it is the time where the Buddha's teachings can be grown extensively in China, the people at that time was also determined to be not able to get the lessons of modern science, the background of this history should not be ignored.

So seen from this side, the person who Xiulian, the law of Buddha is also true of people who master the real science, the law of Buddha is also a real science, certainly with a sincere desire.   

"Temple-dependent" This certainly will be the same as mercury lamps, illuminated the hearts of all people, giving encouragement to people to explore the world, which is still unknown.   


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