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August 6, 2010

First rank for Education

Did you all, where the quality of education the state ranked first in the world? Not America with Harvard, not Germany or France, or Indonesia with the ITB also ... State is, FINLAND! Countries with capital of Helsinki ...
1 world ranking is based on the results obtained by the Finnish international survey, by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The tests, known as PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), to measure students' abilities in the fields of Science, Reading, and Mathematics.
Remarkably, Finland not only excel academically but also shows superior in children's education mentally weak .... fantastic!

 In summary, Finland managed to make all the smart students. Then what is the key so that Finland became No.1 on the world stage?

It turned out that the key lies in the quality of teachers. In Finland there are only teachers with the best quality with the best training as well. Teaching profession itself is a very respected profession, even though their wages are not fantastic.
The best high school graduates usually just sign up for admission in schools of education, and only one of seven applicants is accepted. Competition is tighter than even entered the Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine!

If other countries believe that the testing and evaluation for students is a very important part of quality education, Finland actually believe that the examinations and testing that is what destroyed the students' learning objectives. Too much testing makes us tend to teach the students to merely pass the test, said a teacher in Finland.
At the age of 18 years that a student take the exam to determine their qualifications at college, and two-thirds of graduates go on to college.
Students are taught to evaluate themselves, even since the Pre-kindergarten

"It helps students learn to be responsible for their own jobs," says Sundström, principal at elementary Poikkilaakso, Finland.
Students are encouraged to work independently with their own trying to find the information they need. School atmosphere is very relaxed and flexible. The existence of too many command will only generate a sense of distress, and resulted in a learning atmosphere becomes unpleasant.Group of students who later received intensive support. This is also what makes Finland a success.

Based on the PISA findings, the schools in Finland is very little difference between students who do well and what is bad and is the best according to the OECD. Remedial not regarded as a sign of failure but as an opportunity to improve.
A teacher who is in charge of learning and behavior problems of students making individualized program for each student with emphasis on the objectives to be achieved, for example: First, go to class, then come in time; next, take the book, and others. If you get home work, students do not even need to answer correctly, the point they're trying.

The teachers really avoid criticism of their student work. According to them, if we say "You're wrong" with the students, then it will make students shy. And if they were ashamed of it would hinder them in learning.
Each student is allowed to make mistakes. They only asked to compare their results with the previous value, and not with other students.
Each student is expected to be proud of themselves to each other. Ranking only made a handful of teachers to focus on a particular student, who is considered the best in its class.

Very different with the case which occurred in Indonesia. Teacher is not getting special attention from the government. Their salaries were very small, and worthless when compared with the sacrifice as a teacher. Second, in Indonesia and talented students who excel in foreign countries, lack of respect and enthusiasm from the government.       

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