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August 8, 2010


Because of the extremely small size and difficult to see the invisible (beings that are not smooth tablets supernatural beings), the fleas are often unknowingly inhaled by us through a lot of air and dust were scattered around us, even some we swallow with food and drinks available.

This is a picture of a normal life and lice dust on the couch and bed linen.
Initially we may not be how shocked or horrified when hearing the bacteria in tiny dust was inhaled. But a more terrible is when we see how they actually form. Your mind will immediately think of the picture as aliens and monsters are scary horror.


This is a photo image of a normal life and lice in the fur of cats and dogs

Ticks usually live on bread, cakes that are not wrapped in hygienic packaging..

This is the work of science photography competition winner Steve Gschmeissner 61-year-old, who has managed to capture some dust lice and fleas food that is very small, and very difficult to be detected can also be seen by the naked eye. Quoted by ruanghati.com of the Daily Mail, said Steve Gschmeissner perpetuate these horrific creatures with a camera equipped with zoom Microscope that can enlarge the size up to hundreds of hundred times.
Still according to Steve Gschmeissner, dust lice usually live in an armchair, our curtains, bed linen and clothes, and jackets are hung, as well as our children's dolls, is terrible. Apparently, our everyday life, accompanied by horror creatures like this monster. Some of the lice which had perpetuated Steve Gschmeissner, namely food lice, who used to live on cereal or food that is not packaged properly.

Steve Gschmeissner, also managed to capture the green fly larvae, aka maggots is apparent from the closeness and very clear, well just terrible, just like a spooky alien creatures and scary. Message ruanghati.com, Come let us keep the cleanliness of both self and our environment so we are always away from the horrible creature vulnerable to bring this disease.


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