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September 16, 2010

Chloe Jones

A traffic accident makes life Chloe Jones, a teenage girl 20 years who are still in college majoring in textiles Nottingham Trent University changed, Chloe Jones involved in an accident with a taxi to lead to permanent disability where her leg was amputated. The girl who earlier this cheerful, often look glum, to accept the fact that she did not expect before. Chloe Jones stared ahead as if the expectations that had once dreamed difficult to achieve.
 At one point, Chloe Jones in a show Heather Mills on Dancing On Ice, where there are several participants with disabilities like her, and it touched her, and make it again dare to open the dreams that ever kept to be achieved again.

As told by the Mail Online, which quoted one of the Organizer, Angie Beasley met Miss Chloe in Nottingham earlier this year, and Angie was amazed by the spirit that possessed her. When Chloe was still normal, before the amputation had never imagined would take part in a contest, let alone the most prestigious beauty contest in Britain, namely Miss England. But she tries to send her picture in the selection of Miss Nottingham until eventually she became one of the finalists are now competing Miss England title fight.

When Miss Nottingham competition, she was pessimistic, because among 29 other contestants, only she who was seated on a wheelchair, as is a beauty contest participants are mostly women with normal body condition, while Chloe is not, so the doubts one had struck her. But fate and luck still with her, until she won the contest at the time.

Well, the readers and gentlemen, once again, mostly Should we be born, and has more perfection than the story of Chloe, the travel must be pessimistic in life when we experience trials and flogging the problem, is not we try to think positive to make Chloe's story is an inspiration to rise up and trying to get through the problems we are facing now with great results, do not wait for sometime, now it's time to rise from an ordeal,,, do not need the next day.

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