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September 20, 2010

Dog shit ... to electricity

For dog owners, we were sometimes confused should dispose of the dirt where our doggie, so this is the best solution for anyone.
Spark Park project, is a project that will turn dog waste into power source, which can be used for interest in the neighborhood ranging from lamps to electric lighting for small shops.

Spark Park development will be focused on those areas or parks commonly used to play the dog arena.
Later, in a park will be created a tank that will change metane gas produced by sewage and then will turn it into a power source.

As a dog owner, of course, you are obliged to remove the existing dirt into the hole that has been provided and 'Voila', your own dog's droppings can be a source of electricity.

Today, Spark Park project has been implemented in a dog park, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the electricity used to light street lamps there.


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