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September 20, 2010

Stingray-Water Knife

Did you know there is now a knife made of water? Knives to soldiers who served in Afghanistan is quite sharp, even to cut metal and tear bombs inside.
This knife is called Stingray spines because the typical form as to explode. Developed at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, Stingray with the transformation of 40 ounces of water, is a lethal weapon, "This is a much more powerful blade and very sharp." Sandia National Laboratories engineer said Greg Scharrer.

Currently, more than three thousand Stingray has to send to Afghanistan, to deadly improvised explosive devices (Improvised Explosive Devices / IED) are widely spread in the country. The Pentagon even called the Stingray as a tool for the best attacking U.S. troops in the region.According to Scharrer, destroying without detonate a bomb, is one advantage of the Stingray than other explosives. "Because it is formed from molten metal, this device can easily penetrate the IED," he said.

Mentioned that not only humans who could use this knife. Robots are also expected to carry out the same task. Jimmie Oxley, a scientist at the University of Rhode Island said, this knife is a very amazing discovery. "They use some water with sedikti explosive devices." 

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