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September 19, 2010

Water Molecule..

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto from Yokohama University diligently doing research on the behavior of water. Pure water from springs on the island of Honshu in Shinto prayer, then cooled to -5 C in the laboratory, and then photographed with an electron microscope with high-speed camera.

Apparently, water molecules form a beautiful crystal hexagon. The experiment is repeated by reading the words, "Arigato (thank you in Japanese)" in front of the bottle water. Re-formed crystals are very beautiful. Then start writing letters to expose the Japanese, "Arigato." Crystals formed with the same beauty. Furthermore, given the word "devil", poorly-shaped crystals. Mozart Symphony played the music, flower-shaped crystals appeared. When heavy metal music is played, the crystal shattered.
When 500 people concentrate to focus the message "peace" in front of a bottle of water, the water was crystal expands beautifully branching. And when it attempted to read a prayer, hexagonal crystals with the five branches of leaves appear shiny.
Dr. Emoto eventually traveled the world to experiment with water in Switzerland, Berlin, France, Palestine, and he was later invited to the UN Headquarters in New York to present his findings in March 2005. It turned out that water can "hear" the words, can "read" text, and can "understand" message. In his book The Hidden Message in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto describes that water is able to record a message, such as magnetic tape or compact disc.
The stronger the concentration of the message giver, the more the message printed on the water. Water can transfer the message via another water molecule.  
Water is very important in our lives. Even in our body, it consists of 75% water ...
If water can have such abilities, so let us treat water as possible,,, because that way, will indirectly affect the good to ourselves.

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