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September 6, 2010

Hau da Ysios upetegia

Santiago Calatrava, to design the Hau da Ysios upetegia to the Bodegas and Bebidas group of wineries at LaGuardia, Spain. The project was completed in 2000.

The roof of metal such as stretched across the horizon, peaking in the middle. Shadow treatment is needed in this movement. Undulating ripples on the back of the building. The thin wooden walls a little choppy at some of this structure. Wine-making process begins at one end of the building and ends at another. The entrance leads visitors on top of the front is easy to exit in the rear for vineyards.
This structure is suitable as a fertile place in the mountains of the Sierra de Cantabria. Site 10m vertical changes from one end to the building area is 8000 m2.


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