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September 6, 2010

Saggy pants disturbing ..

They are fond of wearing pants below the waist, aka saggy need to be careful if traveling in the city of Dublin, the state of Georgia, United States (U.S.). Section, the user style pants with profanity that would be subject to fines up to U.S. $ 200 or approximately Rp1, 8 million.

Mayor of Dublin, Phil Best, will sign the amendment to the law on indecent behavior this weekend. This amendment, according to CNN pages, will include a ban on wearing pants or a skirt three inches below the waist, or who show skin or underwear.

"We get some complaints from the community, who say they are wearing pants below the waist are rude people, and we were asked to do something about it," he said.
This complaint has been there since he thought a year ago, he was then doing research responding to this. The result, city council members decided, that wearing saggy pants into the same category as masturbation, sexual abuse, and urinating in public places.

City police will take action against those who are still wearing these pants, by providing a fine ranging from U.S. $ 25 to U.S. $ 200, or social services ordered by the court.

This regulation does not only apply in Dublin alone. Riviera Beach, Florida, and Flint, Michigan, have banned use of pants sagging since last few years. IN Riviera Beach, this rule has been declared unconstitutional after a court lawsuit.

Even the government's Brooklyn, New York, to Campaign with a series of anti-sagging pants billboard featuring teenage boys wearing saggy pants and the words "Lift your pants, lift your image"  

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