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September 5, 2010

The world's largest Swimming Pool

For people who do not know, would not be surprised if this area is the swimming pool water, because this pool, looked like a sea because it was so broad. Is a swimming pool in San Alfonso del Mar, a swimming pool is defined as the largest pool in the world. The swimming pool is situated in the territory of Algarrobo in Chile.
The length of the pool, from one end to reach 1000 yards, while also reaching depths of 115 feet or 40 meters. To meet this swimming pool with water required approximately 66 million gallons of water.

The main source of this pool of water, derived from sea water, which has been previously filtered through a pipe, so it was no longer salty. to control all this swimming pool, a variety of advanced technologies has been prepared by managers, such as computer monitoring, regulating water temperature, as well as hundreds of guides who are ready to help and helping with you if necessary.

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